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Name:The Land of Ooo
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HELLO this is a dressing room now.

It's a familiar story. You're going about your daily routine, when suddenly, you fall into some strange swirling colors. At least that's what you think happened. Before you can blink, you're stumbling out of the other end of an interdimensional portal, and into a strange town.

Colors seem brighter in this place, and the air smells a little sweet, and that's when you notice that to your right is a small man made of candy, who informs you that you are now in The Candy Kingdom. The princess's magic-science portal doesn't work in reverse, so you're kind of stuck. Get used to it, dude.

This is now a dressing room! No applications, no nothing. Just post or tag around. Any canon, and any character is fine, just follow the rules on conduct. ♥


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